(NEW YORK, September 23 2012) – X-Factor kicked off on Wednesday, September 12 2012 and with season two – we can expect a lot of talented contestants throughout the season.

Tara Simon, one of many contestants on X-Factor has joined AccessBritney to talk about her audition, her current work and her reactions to performing in front of the judges such as our girl Britney. Tara Simon was born in West Palm, Florida and is recently living in Atlanta, Georgia. Simon, writes her own music, plays the piano and coaches others in vocal, dancing and piano lessons. All of this while achieving her goals and auditioning on X-Factor.

We at AccessBritney were interested in interviewing a contestant from X-Factor to share their experience and give us a feel of how it’s like to be an X-Factor contestant. Our interview with Tara Simon is almost 20 minutes long featuring her current work, bio, how she relates to Britney as a performer and explaining her inspiration towards Britney’s single “Toxic”.

Tara Simon’s audition can be found on this week’s episode, so make sure you tune in this Wednesday and Thursday on FOX at 8PM EST. Do you think Britney will enjoy Tara Simon’s audition? Let us know!

For more on Tara Simon: http://tarasimon.com/

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