(NEW YORK, October 12 2012) – Yesterday (October 11 2012) Britney presented during the Whitney Houston Grammy tribute. Spears explains that Whitney Houston is someone ‘really to admire’. In a interview with Access Hollywood Spears continued her reactions towards Houston. “I felt that her voice alone said so much – every time any song she sang and through the radio you can feel her emotion.” She continued, “She’s just someone to admire.”

Access Hollywood also asked about X-Factor and her young teens group. “Im pretty sure my team is going to be the team. They have it. They have what it takes. They’re driven.”

And before wrapping up the interview, Access Hollywood also asked Miss Spears about the new single with Will.I.AM. “My new single is Scream & Shout. It’s coming out soon.”

Sounds like Britney is quite busy these days. A new episode of the X-Factor premieres again this Wednesday night (October 17 2012).

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