(NEW YORK, November 24 2012) – As fans prepare for the new Will.I.Am and Britney music video ‘Scream & Shout’, Spears’ manager Adam Leber responded to a fan about the upcoming video that will premiere on X-Factor this week.

A fan asked if there’s an old-school-style dance break. Leber replied ‘No dance break. Just Pure #Swagger’.

He followed up that Tweet with another informing fans that he’s working on getting another sneak peek. Britney also leaked a photo of herself from the Scream And Shout music video this evening.

Scream And Shout launched on radio stations this passed Monday, following the iTunes release Wednesday night. The music video is expected to premiere on X-Factor this week. No word on whether Will.I.Am and Britney will perform the song in the upcoming weeks on X-Factor. It has been rumored that Britney will perform on the show before it wraps up late December.

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