(NEW YORK, December 20 2012) – Simon Cowell tells E! News Britney was everything he expected – but we already knew that.

The finale of X-Factor USA is premiering tonight on FOX and we can’t help but wonder if Britney will return for next season. “She’s a very, very mysterious individual. I don’t know what’s going on in her head half the time, and I believe that mystique is part the reason why she has survived for so many years. I’ve worked with her now for five or six months; you don’t get much out of her and that makes her more interesting in a weird way.”

As to comment on her participating as a judge next year. “I don’t know yet to be honest with you,” said Simon Cowell.

Tonight is the last episode for the X-Factor 2012. In the mean time, we’re hoping that this is Carly and Britney’s night. Time will tell…

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