(NEW YORK, December 21 2012) – The results were in last night and we have a winner from the X-Factor 2012.

Carly Rose, the last singer in Britney’s teens group has shocked us with an unbelievable voice and talent through the past three-four months. For someone with so much talent, we figured that she would take home the five million dollar contact, however Tate Stevens claimed the number one spot surpassing Carly Rose and Fifth Harmony.

Since X-Factor began in September the competition was fierce, however Carly Rose and Tate remained in their usual spots from start to finish. Right behind them was Fifth Harmony who only recently made it to the number three spot. Britney Spears was mentoring Carly Rose from start to finish. We can only predict that we’ll see more from this young talented star in the future. As for Britney, we can expect a new album from her sometime this year. Yes, we also saw a live and a very humble Britney since October and she made it through X-Factor just fine as a judge. She was ‘amazing’.

Once again congratulations to Tate Stevens.

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